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prop. n.1.In Greek legend, a fabulous horse, the offspring of Poseidon by Demeter (or, in other accounts, Gaea or a harpy) who to escape him had metamorphosed herself into a mare. It was successively owned by Copreus, Oncus, Heracles, and Adrastus. It possessed marvelous powers of speech, and its right feet were those of a man.
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But then there were some sceptical Greeks and Romans, who, standing out from the orthodox pagans of their times, equally doubted the story of Hercules and the whale, and Arion and the dolphin; and yet their doubting those traditions did not make those traditions one whit the less facts, for all that.
But, as you have shown your skill at other-times, so now also wheel the great black-maned horse Arion about every way, and help me as you may be able.
Therefore, my dear son, mind well what you are about, for if you can be first to round the post there is no chance of any one giving you the go-by later, not even though you had Adrestus's horse Arion behind you--a horse which is of divine race--or those of Laomedon, which are the noblest in this country.
LONDON: Moody's technology has been selected by Arion Bank for both Basel III and IFRS 9 compliance.
Moody's Analytics has announced that its technology has been selected by Arion Bank for both Basel III and IFRS 9 compliance, the company said.
Effort Claire Robertson of Enable Arion Swimming Club won the Achievement Award, presented by Svend Elkjaer from Sports Management Network
The key objectives of this project are to finalise the design of arion suborbital vehicle, To develop a launch infrastructure, And to qualify the reusable launch vehicle in space, Leading to commercialisation of the first commercial srlv in europe and mirco-launcher.
The offer by Kaupskil to Arion Bank is subject to the final settlement between Kaupskil and the Icelandic government regarding Kaupskil's exercise of a call option on the Icelandic government's 13.
GREECE: Go Greek on this one-week holiday staying at the 3* Arion Athens Hotel, Athens, from PS213.
Up 11lb to a mark of 108 goes Wings Of Arion for her convincing success in a handicap hurdle at Gowran on Thursday.
Arion Bulliner, 26, of Murphysboro, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to property, a Class A misdemeanor.
He is the winner of numerous musical awards, including Best Pop Album, Best Song of the Year and Album of the Year at the Arion Awards 2007, and Best Male Composer of the Year at the Status Awards 2007.