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 (ăr′ĭ-stär′kəs) 217?-145? bc.
Greek grammarian and critic noted for his arrangement of and commentary on the Iliad and the Odyssey.


(Celestial Objects) a crater in the NE quadrant of the moon, having a diameter of about 37 kilometres, which is the brightest formation on the moon


(ˌær əˈstɑr kəs)

1. of Samos, late 3rd century B.C., Greek astronomer.
2. of Samothrace, c216–144 B.C., Greek philologist and critic.
Ar`is•tar′chi•an, adj.
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Noun1.Aristarchus - an ancient Greek grammarian remembered for his commentary on the Iliad and Odyssey (circa 217-145 BC)
2.Aristarchus - a bright crater on the MoonAristarchus - a bright crater on the Moon    
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Poroshenko was originally scheduled to meet with Jerusalem Patriarch Theophilos III , but instead met Secretary-General of the Jerusalem Patriarchate Archbishop Aristarchos of Constantina.
We thank Aristarchos Seimenis for his valuable support; Dimos Papatheodorou, Dimitrios Bakakos, and Theodora Nioutsikou for their support with the diagnosis and Markou Evaggelos and Veterinary Directorates for sample collection.
Washington, February 28 ( ANI ): Using the new 2.3-meter 'Aristarchos' telescope, sited at Helmos Observatory (2340 meters high) in the Peloponnese Mountains in Greece, astronomers have determined the distance to and history of an enigmatic stellar system, discovering it to likely be a binary star cocooned within an exotic nebula.
When Fennrys Wolf, a monster-slaying fighter, is dropped, naked, into the building he leaps to the rescue and saves everyone, including the once-beautiful Calum Aristarchos, now disfigured by the battle.