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also Ar·is·tei·des  (ăr′ĭ-stī′dēz) Known as "the Just." 530?-468? bc.
Athenian statesman and general who fought in the Battle of Marathon (490) and in the victory over the Persians at Salamis (480). He was a central figure in the confederation of Greek states known as the Delian League (478).


(Biography) known as Aristides the Just. ?530–?468 bc, Athenian general and statesman, who played a prominent part in the Greek victories over the Persians at Marathon (490), Salamis (480), and Plataea (479)


(ˌær əˈstaɪ diz)

( “the Just” ) 530?–468? B.C., Athenian statesman and general.
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Does this mean that an anecdote in Plutarch, when supported by Aelius Aristeides and a fragment of Stesimbrotos of Thasos, really yields something useful?
were alleged to have received an amount of e1/41 mln from Focus Maritime Corporation in Greece and not declared it in their accounts between 2007 and 2009, while taxable dividends reported were nearly a tenth of the actual amount, according to state prosecutor Andreas Aristeides.
According to Aristeides Papadakis, "In the internal life of the Byzantine Church, perhaps no patriarchate in the second half of the thirteenth century is of greater historical and theological significance than that of Gregory II of Cyprus.
El linguista dule-panameno Aristeides Turpana Igwaigliginya, en el marco de los debates producidos en tomo a la conmemoracion de los 500 anos del "descubrimiento-avistamiento" del "Mar del Sur", ha hecho un aporte revolucionario a la historia y antropologia panamenas al cuestionar la version tradicional, que atribuye a una etnia o nacion denominada "cueva" o "cueba" la pertenencia de las comunidades con las que se toparon los conquistadores en el Istmo de Panama.
Especially, there are detailed references for ancient structure and occupation area in the writings of Pausanias, Aristeides, Strabo and Pionious (Cadoux, 1938).
She was born in Marlborough daughter of the late Aristeides and Glikeria (Karaoulis) Theodorou and was a lifelong resident of Marlborough.
4) See St Basil the Great, Canon 13 of the 92 Canonical Epistles, as quoted in Fr John McGuckin, "St Basil's Guidance on War and Repentance" in In Communion (Winter 2006:2); Aristeides Papadakis, The Christian East and the Rise of the Papacy, St Vladimir's Seminary Press, Crestwood, NY, 1994, p.
Attempts to attribute the spurcum additamentum to a Milesian Tale by Sisenna, (39) which would have been inserted accidentally into Apuleius' text later, would at least provide us with the suggestion that the original of the 'Pasiphae'-scene could be attributed to Sisenna's forerunner Aristeides.
According to the editors' historical reconstruction, (6) the assessment of 422/1 reduced, "wherever feasible," the amounts of tribute imposed on cities to their levels at the outset of the Delian League in 478/7 (or commensurate with those levels in the cases of cities that had not been original members of the League), the so-called tribute of Aristeides.
He recounts how a painting by Aristeides of Thebes, a contemporary of Apelles, representing "A Tragic Actor and a Boy," "was mined through the ignorance of the painter to whom Marcus Junius as praetor [c.
At any rate no legal speech is extant of any of those who lived before him, nor even of his contemporaries, because speech-writing was not yet in vogue, not of Themistocles, Aristeides, or Pericles.
tychides, I on the other hand praise Aristeides, the one best man to come