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also Ar·is·tei·des  (ăr′ĭ-stī′dēz) Known as "the Just." 530?-468? bc.
Athenian statesman and general who fought in the Battle of Marathon (490) and in the victory over the Persians at Salamis (480). He was a central figure in the confederation of Greek states known as the Delian League (478).


(Biography) known as Aristides the Just. ?530–?468 bc, Athenian general and statesman, who played a prominent part in the Greek victories over the Persians at Marathon (490), Salamis (480), and Plataea (479)


(ˌær əˈstaɪ diz)

( “the Just” ) 530?–468? B.C., Athenian statesman and general.
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They, at least in the case of Aristides, contented themselves with banishing him.
But if Aristides the Just was ever in love and jealous, he was at that moment not perfectly magnanimous.
Stephens examines the religious experience of second-century CE pagan sophist Aristides as expressed in his religious diary Sacred Tales.
Las obras publicadas incluyen: Maravilla Estar, de Santiago Garcia; Pluma y la tempestad, de Aristides Vargas; Las abarcas del tiempo, de Cesar Brie; Memorias y olvidos de Jose de San Martin, de Antonio Elio Brailovsky; Humboldt y Bonpland: Taxidermistas, de Ibsen Martinez; No me toquen ese valse, creacion colectiva de Rebeca Ralli, Julian Vargas y Miguel Rubio del Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani; James Joyce/ Carta al artista adolescente, de Luis Mario Moncada y Martin Acosta; Kao ou Primeiro Movimento para a Origem, de Paulo Atto; Trago amargo [Wish-ky Sour], de Sherezada [Chiqui] Vicioso; Medea.
"'We are in the process of getting permits [from the authorities] to close this negotiation and this would lead to investments in the terminal of about $300 million to grow existing tanks," said Aristides Chiriatti, General Manager of Chevron Panama, adding "in the past five years, Chevron has invested between $20 million and $30 million per year in improving infrastructure at the terminal, which supplies fuel to nearly 90% of the national market."
Aristides, ridden by Oliver Lewis, won the inaugural race.
(3) By violating his privacy and dragging his purported transgressions into the public sphere, Aristides also wins a more direct victory over his brother.
Eso tambien ha querido transmitirle a sus hijos: Olimpia, de 19 anos; Constantino, de 16; Aquiles, de casi 15; Ulises, de 8; y Aristides, de 7.
La edad de la ciruela del argentino Aristides Vargas hace posible, a traves de su propuesta dramaturgica, el rompecabezas de la vida de dos mujeres atadas a una historia familiar que les obstruyo su realizacion como personas.
CLASSICAL PAINTING ATELIER: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice (2008; $35), by Juliette Aristides. Watson-Guptill.
Aristides was a secondcentury Athenian philosopher who admired the followers of Jesus and defended them in a letter addressed to Emperor Hadrian (circa 117-138).
Calero controlled the FDN through his deputy, Aristides Sanchez, and the contras' military commander, Enrique Bermudez.