Aristophanes of Byzantium

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Aristophanes of By·zan·ti·um

 (bĭ-zăn′shē-əm, -tē-əm) 257?-180? bc.
Greek philologist who systematized the punctuation, pronunciation, and accentuation of Greek.
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For example, did you know that the "earliest known punctuation--credited to Aristophanes of Byzantium (librarian at Alexandria) around 200 BC--was a three-part system of dramatic notation (involving single points at different heights on the line) advising actors when to breathe in preparation for a long bit, or a not-so-long bit, or a relatively short bit"?
Aristarchus settled in Alexandria, where he was a pupil of Aristophanes of Byzantium, and, about 153 BC, became chief librarian there.