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While not requiring Shakespeare to have had any first-hand knowledge of Greek tragedy, the fact that the classically minded Jon-son produced Aristophanic parodies of the climactic reunions of Shakespeare's tragicomedies, which have most claim to be identified as Euripidean, is certainly very suggestive.
He covers Mysian Telephus and the Aristophanic brand, visualizing the comic, members only: satyrism and satire in late-fifth-century comedy, poetic failure and comic success in Aristophanes' Peace, old comedy and lyric poetry, and the feminine mistake: household economy in Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazusae.
Part of the complexity in this debate on mimesis and the nature of the good, the just, the true and the beautiful and their connection is that in ancient Athens there was a rift between philosophers and poets, with the Socratic attack on Homer and the Aristophanic attack on Socrates.
Financial ombudsman Pavlos Ioannou, who was instructed on Thursday by President Anastasiades to investigate how thousands ofCo-opcustomers unknowingly had their deposits offset against their non-performing loans, called the entire lack of management on behalf of the CAMC an "Aristophanic farce".
Against this background she studies the Aristophanic portrayal of the tragic poet/musician Phrynichos, which illustrates that "not all early musical patterns could provide a good antithesis to New Music" (p.
It worked in certain contexts --Douglas Young's Aristophanic satire.
Menelaus's rags as a meta-theatrical invocation of the Aristophanic
The most Aristophanic scene in The Interview is the one where the smarmy talk-show host Dave (James Franco) finally gets to interview Kim Jong-un (Randall Park) on North Korean TV.
MacDowell continues, "the difference (an all-important difference, though Strepsiades does not see it) is that the Platonic Socrates refutes statements which are apparently true, whereas the Aristophanic Socrates refutes statements which are actually true." (21) MacDowell is right.