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But in this case, he seems clearly to be drawing from the Platonic and/or Xenophontic versions of Socrates, not the (earlier) Aristophanic version.
Las primeras obras conservadas (Acarnienses, Caballeros, Nubes, Avispas, Paz) son las que registran mayor trasiego de artefactos, en coincidencia con el senalamiento de English ("The Evolution of Aristophanic Stagecraft"), de que el numero de objetos escenicos de la comedia de Aristofanes decrece cerca del final de la guerra del Peloponeso --aunque Tordoff ha matizado estas conclusiones, reparando en que esa disminucion no seria tal si, en el caso de Asambleistas, contaramos todos y cada uno de los objetos que portan las coreutas, cada una con su barba y su baston para hacerse pasar por hombres.
The most Aristophanic scene in The Interview is the one where the smarmy talk-show host Dave (James Franco) finally gets to interview Kim Jong-un (Randall Park) on North Korean TV.
MacDowell continues, "the difference (an all-important difference, though Strepsiades does not see it) is that the Platonic Socrates refutes statements which are apparently true, whereas the Aristophanic Socrates refutes statements which are actually true.
iii) Aristophanic comedy consists in part of illusion, in the sense of both [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (fantasy) and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], (representation as basis for dramatic illusion).
The typical structure of an Aristophanic play consists of a series of elements not universally present but common enough so that one may legitimately speak of an "Aristophanic" pattern of play construction.
What Mikhail Bakhtin identified as the essential features of Rabelaisian humor--the holiday inversion of social hierarchy; the valorization of the body and its nether functions; the abandonment of the classical moment, the poised perfection of youth, for processes of birth and decay; fecundity amplified to the absurd degree of pregnant old hags, closing the circle of death and procreation--these features are the heart and soul of Aristophanic laughter.
On the phenomenon, see Garland 1995, who quotes as examples from comic theatre a skinny man in a lost Aristophanic play mentioned by Athenaeus (12.
Among the topics are Aristophanic expurgation and its phallacies, Greek epigram in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, anxiety and expurgation in the publication of Lucretius' De rerum natura, modifying Martial in 19th-century Britain, and sexual and scatological references in the Loeb Classical Library.
28) This conception of poets as out of their minds when they compose has Aristophanic precursors in Ach.