Arizona cypress

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Noun1.Arizona cypress - Arizona timber tree with bluish silvery foliageArizona cypress - Arizona timber tree with bluish silvery foliage
cypress tree, cypress - any of numerous evergreen conifers of the genus Cupressus of north temperate regions having dark scalelike leaves and rounded cones
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Everyone who joins this month will receive one of the following tree packages based on their location: 10 Arizona Cypress, 10 Live Oak or 10 Mix trees including eastern redbud, white pine, sugar maple, white flowering dogwood, pin oak, red maple, river birch, silver maple, northern red oak and Colorado blue spruce.
As for Christmas lights, you're more likely to see them strung in a sukkah than decorating the streets or one of the scraggly little Arizona cypress trees the Jerusalem municipality hands out at Jaffa Gate before hag hamolad ("holiday of the birth"), which Israelis also refer to as Krreeestmahs.
For the better part of a century, this Arizona cypress had weathered droughts, lightning, hungry insects, and withering heat while its trunk and that of a larger cousin several feet away defined a hairpin turn on a 4x4 trail in the Coconino National Forest surrounding Sedona, Arizona.
Others grow naturally in deserts (Arizona cypress) or in misty coastal areas (Monterey pine).

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