Arkansas stone

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Ar·kan·sas stone

A stone used for sharpening and grinding metals, especially the metal blades of knives.
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The house has a brick and Arkansas stone exterior and sits on more than an acre, according to the real estate website Zillow.
Push it harder and you'll have to resort to a professional-size Arkansas stone. You just won't have to do it as often.
Used properly, with an India or Arkansas stone to do the cutting, a ceramic stone to do the light squaring and polishing, what results are perfectly smooth, drag-free surfaces.
During her early years of nursing the nurse had to sharpen needles on an Arkansas stone. To test the needle to make sure it was able to be used the nurse would rub the needle on a piece of gauze and if the needle did not grab the gauze then it was okay to use.
After using the India stones which are basically for steel removal, I use a fine Arkansas stone or sometimes a ceramic stone to polish the new sear surface.
Then I moved to the finer side of the stone, and finally to a hard Arkansas stone. Next I tested the shears on cloth.
Quarried natural stones include the Arkansas stone, as well as the original Japanese and Greek water stones.
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