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A usually pinkish or red sandstone consisting primarily of quartz and feldspar and forming from the cementation of particles generated by the rapid erosion of granite.

[French, perhaps from alteration of Greek arkhaios, ancient.]
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(Geological Science) a sandstone consisting of grains of feldspar and quartz cemented by a mixture of quartz and clay minerals
[C19: from French]
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Among their topics are the provenance and alteration of feldspathic and quartzose sediments in southern Mexico: an application of Krynine's hypothesis on second-cycle arkose, the paleomagnetism and rotation history of the Blue Mountains in Oregon, Late Cenozoic uplift and shortening in the central California Coast Ranges and the development of the San Joaquin Basin foreland, local-to-distance provenance cyclicity of the southern Front Range in central Colorado: insights from detrial zircon geochronology, and Cenozoic basin evolution in the Indus-Yarlung suture zone and High Himalaya.
At the Eagle River Brewfest on October 5, sample a variety of Alaska beers, including selections from Arkose Brewing, Broken Tooth Brewing, Denali Brewing, Double Shovel Cider, Glacier Brewhouse, Midnight Sun Brewing, Odd Man Rush, Resolution Brewing, and 49th State Brewing, all at the Eagle River Lions Club.
The studied locality lies in the Chynov Member which consists of sandstones and arkoses. The characteristic rock of the studied area is arkose.
The particular roadcut is 11 m long, 5 m wide, and 6 m high and consists of Upper Triassic lithic arkose of the Xujiahe Formation.
It is composed of ancient continental sedimentary formations, probably constituted of shale, sand, marl, and arkose. These sedimentary deposits have undergone weak regional metamorphism which permitted the transformation of schist to seritoschists, chloritoschists, graphitic schists, sandy schists, and quartzites, to coarse grained conglomeratic quartzites, to quartzite of medium grained, fine-grained quartzites and to differentiate the phyllitic and siliceous facies.
A cyclic change in the fluvial deposition of sandstones (arkose) to a lacustrine shale environment (Figure 2) may have played a vital role in the formation of some SSDS found in the study area.
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Here, homes and shops are finished in their original volcanic rock and arkose, meaning a vivid step back in time for visitors.
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