Arm's reach

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reach of the arm; the distance the arm can reach.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The creature that was to slay the red man was almost within arm's reach of his prey when Carthoris heard a hoarse shout from the opposite side of the courtyard.
Above him, within arm's reach, was the low roof of the building.
A three-cornered table within arm's reach ran from the angle of the to the foremast.
He saw the newcomer step almost within arm's reach of the other.
Big Alec's black head and swarthy face popped up within arm's reach; and all unsuspecting and very angry with what he took to be the clumsiness of amateur sailors, he was hauled aboard.
Some have weird clauses, saying phones must be in arm's reach
The Selfie on a Stick allows users to place their smartphone beyond arm's reach to capture wider shots for group pictures.
"This unique penthouse, at $425 psf, is hard to find in New York City and the rooftop view makes you feel like the Manhattan skyline is within an arm's reach," added Edwards, who noted that penthouse was on the market for 13 weeks.
Carbonite (cloud backup) can bail you out when files mysteriously vanish from your desktop, and storage apps (like Dropbox) ensure you're never more than arm's reach from important files.
Canada hosted the Saving Every Woman, Every Child: Within Arm's Reach Summit in Toronto late in May.