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I do it on the packed-to-dangerlevels Tube, when I'm hanging on a rail trying to avoid asphyxiation by a 6ft man's arm pit.
She told her interviewers that "I know I have arm pit fat, it's OK.
7 m, arm pit and shaft bottoms on poglebianym stretch and extend the mine hoist the primary and secondary for kw sa kwk rydultowy-anna.
No one has even bothered to fix the town sign where April Fool's pranksters painted out most of the letters so that HARMONY POINT became ARM PIT.
I was black and blue from my hip bone to beneath my arm pit.
It usually develops along what is known as the milk line which runs from the arm pit to the groin.
He was stabbed near the left arm pit, according to Sgt.
They had a crutch each which they quickly 'fixed' under their arm pit.
The muscle under his left arm pit was ripped, and the flesh was torn loose from his right biceps.