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(ˌɑr məˈvɪər)

a city in the SW Russian Federation, E of Krasnodar. 172,000.
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The official data says that serving in the city of Armavir, he arbitrarily left his military unit on August 13.
Again, in terms of direction, non-Muslim directors like Armavir Alyanak, Aram Gulyuz, Artun Yeres and Nisan Hancer have become significant names in Turkish cinema (Donmez-Colin, 2008: 109).
Riyadh, Jumada I 08, 1437, February 17, 2016, SPA -- Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFD)Ahas issued an importation ban of cow, goat, sheep and gazelle meat and their products from Armavir province in the Republic of Armenia due to the break out of foot and mouth disease (FMD) in the area.
The Western Caucasian (Dahovskaya, Arhyz, Utrish, Armavir) and the Central Caucasian (Strizhament, Uchkulan, Elbrus) haplogroups can be regarded as sibling.
But the statues that Valarshak had set up as the images of his ancestors with those of the sun and the moon at Armavir, and which had been transferred from Armavir to Bagaran and then brought to Artashat.
A sophisticated radar system is being deployed in the western strategic sector of the country, he said, adding that a reconnaissance system has been deployed in Armavir city in the federal subject of Krasnodar Krai to cover the southwestern sector of the Russian Federation.
Over yesterday's briefing with journalists held in the Administration of the Armavir region of Armenia, Speaker of
The Israeli missile test led to Russia sounding an alert after its radars at Armavir, near the Black Sea, detected the launch of two ballistic objects in the area, Israel's US-funded Arrows missile defence systems are effective at intercepting rockets but there are not enough to protect the country in the face of a sustained onslaught from Syria or Lebanon.
Interfax news agency quoted a ministry spokesman as saying the launch was detected at 10:16 am Moscow time (2.16 am ET) by an early warning radar station at Armavir, near the Black Sea, which is designed to detect missiles from Europe and Iran.
According to the Defense Ministry spokesman, the missile launch was detected at 06:16 GMT by a radar in the southern Russian city of Armavir, and is said to strike somewhere between the central and eastern Mediterranean, RiaNovosti reported.