Armed Forces Day

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Armed′ Forc′es Day`

the third Saturday in May, a U.S. holiday honoring the armed forces.
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Noun1.Armed Forces Day - the 3rd Saturday in MayArmed Forces Day - the 3rd Saturday in May    
day - a day assigned to a particular purpose or observance; "Mother's Day"
May - the month following April and preceding June
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President Tsai Ing-wen called for greater recognition of military service on Armed Forces Day and encouraged those who serve in the three branches of the armed forces to wear their uniforms more often as a sign of pride in their role safeguarding the country.
A special flag was raised outside North Lanarkshire Council headquarters to mark Armed Forces Day.
ARMED Forces Day is an opportunity for us all to commemorate and show our support for the service men and women in our Armed Forces, past and present.
North Lanarkshire Council has raised a special flag to honour veterans and military personnel to mark national Armed Forces day.
Armed Forces Day is a relatively new thing for Britain.
Servicemen and women past and present were celebrated at a special event to mark Armed Forces Day in West Bromwich.
LIVERPOOL marked Armed Forces Day with a series of events yesterday.
The chain is showing its support on Armed Forces Day, serving up the offer to serving troops, veterans and reserves as a way of saying thank you.
A HOST of events will be held in Loughborough on Saturday, June 29, to celebrate Armed Forces Day.
People are being urged to support Armed Forces Day.
Armed Forces Day 2019 is just 100 days away, with preparations underway for the national event in Salisbury and hundreds of community events across the country.
by ONAThe Musandam sector military command of the Royal Army of Oman celebrated the Armed Forces Day yesterday

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