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Noun1.Armenian language - the Indo-European language spoken predominantly in Armenia, but also in Azerbaijan
Indo-European language, Indo-Hittite, Indo-European - the family of languages that by 1000 BC were spoken throughout Europe and in parts of southwestern and southern Asia
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"A parallel was drawn between the conditions of the Armenian church in Baku and the Azerbaijani historical and cultural monuments in the territories occupied by Armenia in the video footage prepared for the Armenian public in the Armenian language," the Public Association says.
The presence of the Armenian prime minister at the Ararat sports club in Tehran and his meeting with members of the Armenian community does not seem an illogical action per se, but, undoubtedly, hanging a few banners bearing statements in the Armenian language about the Karabakh dispute at the location of the Ararat cultural and sports complex is an arbitrary and unacceptable move and is not approved of by the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said.
He made the remarks on Sunday in a reaction to the sidelines of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan's meeting with his Iranian religious fellows during his last week's visit to Tehran, where some flags were hoisted in Armenian language about Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
We are Egyptian Armenians (Photo: Still from official trailer) Members of the Egyptian society played a vital role in preserving the Armenian language and culture.
But in recent years knowledge of the Armenian language has followed a downward trend in the community, with a simultaneous rise of Greek.
In addition to that, students study the Armenian language, culture, and literature.
"In this context, it was learned that the Dink family donated the compensation in question to the Hrant Dink Scholarship Fund established by the Community Volunteers Foundation to be used in educational activities; to Getronagan Armenian High School for the purpose of supporting the continuation of Armenian culture and education of the Armenian language in Turkey; and to the GedikpaE-a Armenian Protestant Church to support educational activities for Armenian immigrant children in Turkey," the confidential document states.
The Armenian schools teach the official curricula, except for the religious curricula, the Armenian language and history.
In it, Bezjian wandered Burj Hammoud's streets, stopping to greet people, eat some local delicacies and tour a church, an art gallery and an Armenian language radio station -- all while narrating how the neighborhood's Armenian roots has made it the one place he feels most a home.
Their topics include the ethnolinguistic vitality of ethnic groups in the Baltic countries, cultural associations in self-othering and cultural identity negotiation among Russian-speaking adolescents from Russia and Latvia in Ireland, digital debates on Soviet memory in the national identity construction of post-Soviet migrants, everyday practices of Russian-speaking migrants in Germany and Norway, global transformations in Kazakh society and problems of ethno-linguistic identification, and the Armenian language in post-Soviet Armenia.
"There are about 230 students who come to the church to learn, read, write and speak the Armenian language. The students are as young as three years old and some are as old as 17," added.
Narrator Marc Nichanian, a scholar of Armenian language and culture, argues, "What had been stolen from us in a way is the ability to mourn."

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