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or lah·ma·jun or la·me·jun  (lä′mə-jo͞on′)
A flat pie typically made of unleavened dough topped with ground lamb or beef, garlic, spices, and other ingredients, and baked.

[Turkish lahmacun and Armenian lahmaǰun, both ultimately from Arabic laḥm bi-'ajīn : Arabic laḥm, meat; see lḥm in Semitic roots + Arabic bi-, with; see b in Semitic roots + Arabic 'ajīn, dough (from 'ajina, to knead; see ʕgn in Semitic roots).]
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Recommended items: Soups, fava bean stew (fool mudammas), hummus, eggplant dip (muttabbal/baba ghanoush), shwarma (beef or chicken), lamb shish kebab, Armenian meatballs (kufteh/kebbeh), Armenian pizza (lahmajun), yogurt cheese (labneh), Armenian pastries.
You can always add one or two little thin lahmajun Armenian pizzas ($1.
Family members and workers in neighboring businesses described the Russian-Armenian emigrant as a talkative, loving family man who was generous with his customers - treating them to Armenian pizza and Turkish coffee, and cutting great deals on his custom jewelry.

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