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An ancient and literary name for the northwest part of France, especially Brittany.


(Placename) an ancient name for Brittany


(ɑrˈmɔr ɪ kə, -ˈmɒr-)

an ancient region in NW France, corresponding generally to Brittany.
Ar•mor′i•can, adj.
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Later, when the Romans left our island and the Picts and Scots oppressed the Britons, many of them fled back over the sea to Brittany or Armorica, as it used to be called.
And whether they first heard them in Armorica or in wild Wales, the Norman minstrels took the old Welsh stories and made them their own.
What is there more beautiful, and stern at the same time, than this old Armorica.
Contract notice: Service contract covers the purchase of a complementary health insurance contract for the purposes of the MSA of Armorica.
They are known from the Early--Late Devonian (from Pragian to Frasnian stages), primarily of Laurussia (Halstead Tarlo 1967a; Halstead 1987) and, to a lesser extent, of the peri-Gondwanan shelf, Armorica, Barentsian, Kara-Tajmyr and Siberian palaeocontinents (Bystrow 1959; Blieck et al.
West African provenance for Saxo-Thuringia (Bohemian Massif): Did Armorica ever leave pre-Pangean Gondwana?
This October, company president Ted Tregurtha and a donation of PITT-TECH Plus marine paint from PPG Industries distributor Armorica Sales collaborated to adorn the well-known industry emblem in pink on 100 tugboats to promote breast cancer awareness.
13) M g Peryssonneliales Peryssonnellia armorica (Crouan et Crouan) M m Web.
The contribution of Servais and Sintubin also tries to clarify the relative roles of Avalonia, Armorica and Perunica, noting that some terranes are called microcontinents, a paleogeographic term, and others have been called microplates, a plate tectonic term.