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Noun1.arms industry - an industry that manufacturers weapons of wararms industry - an industry that manufacturers weapons of war
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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He made the call on Wednesday, 28 February at the start of a three-day workshop here on the Fire Arms and Ammunition Control Act (FACA) and the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to do a draft legislations that seek to harmonize the two guns control instruments as well as expand the mandate of the implementing authority, LINCSA.
22 Minister of Justice Nela Kuburovic met in Paris with her French counterpart Nicole Belloubet to discuss constitutional changes in the area of justice and cooperation in the fight against organized crime and corruption and the illegal arms trade.
The money raised will be split between two organisations: Campaign Against Arms Trade, which seeks to abolish the international arms trade, and Reprieve, which fights for human rights.
The money will be split between two organisations - Campaign Against Arms Trade, and Reprieve, which fights for human rights.
The Campaign Against the Arms Trade claimed the weapons broke international law and Saudis used them in their war on Yemen.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Middle East is filled with violence and terror, because war criminals can easily buy arms from the most significant violators of Arms Trade Treaty in the world and use them against whoever comes their way.
7, under the Chairmanship of Khawaja Sohail Mansoor, MNA, on the briefing on Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).
Campaign groups Cardiff Stop the Arms Fair, Campaign Against the Arms Trade and Welsh language group Cymdeithas y Cymod (Fellowship for Reconciliation) were among those protesting against the Defence Procurement, Research, Technology and Exportability (DPRTE) event held at Cardiff Motorpoint Aren.
She said: "They are right to protest against the arms trade but I came here with an open mind today.
1 -- The Arms Trade Pledge: "I believe that no one should profit from the deaths and occupation of Palestinians, and if elected to DEiil Eeireann I pledge to actively work to end the bilateral arms trade between Ireland and Israel.
MEXICO CITY (CyHAN)- An upcoming UN conference in Mexico on the arms trade will serve as a "litmus test" of the global community's commitment to curbing weapons trafficking, rights activists say.
BRUSSELS, Aug 24 (KUNA) -- The EU called Monday for the full implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in order to be truly effective and prevent arms being diverted to the illicit market and falling into the wrong hands.