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Noun1.Arnold Toynbee - English historian who studied the rise and fall of civilizations looking for cyclical patterns (1889-1975)
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The interactions between Martin Heidegger and Kuki Shuzo or Tezuka Tomio, the dialogue between Arnold Toynbee and Daisaku Ikeda, and the conversations between Carl Gustav Jung and Ezra Pound are references for cross-cultural exchanges.
The basis for the good news about Israel's security environment can be found, ironically, in the basic historical scheme proposed by Arnold Toynbee, hardly a friend of either Israel or the Jews.
Then re-read Arnold Toynbee, whose monumental, 12-volume A Study of History, that spanned several civilisations East and West, will attest to that.
The definition of civilisation was borrowed from Arnold Toynbee and the term clash of civilisations from Bernard Lewis' work published in the Atlantic's September 1990 issue titled 'Roots of Muslim Rage'.
Irwin begins his preface by citing several statements and acknowledgments about the greatness and significance of Ibn Khaldun and his works by such historians as Arnold Toynbee, Hugh Trevor-Roper, and Marshall Hodgson, who described the Muqaddima as "the greatest wide-ranging introduction to Islamic civilization." Additionally, Irwin cites philosophers and sociologists such as Ernest Gellner, who thought that Ibn Khaldun was "a superb inductive sociologist, a practitioner, long before the term was invented, of the methods of ideal types" (p.
During the age of European hegemony, a common narrative of material progress and national development took root, leading to the civilization paradigms of historians like Oswald Spengler and Arnold Toynbee, and the Eurocentric macro-perspective of William McNeil.
In the mid-1960s, Carlos Fernandez, CEO of the shipping company Compania Maritima, invited the English historian Arnold Toynbee, to address the Columbian Club on Taft Avenue.At the time, Toynbee'smagnum opus,A Study of History, had elicited worldwide commentary.
This led him to formulate what the 20th-century English historian Arnold Toynbee has described as 'a philosophy of history which is undoubtedly the greatest work of its kind that has ever yet been created by any mind in any time or place,' Thinkers as diverse as Ernest Gellner and Arnold Toynbee have paid tribute to the lasting fertility of Kaldun's work.
'History is on the move again', as Arnold Toynbee put it, for we surely live in a new and uncomfortable world.
Riemen is on common ground with Arnold Toynbee, who argued that civilizations would fall, not because it was inevitable, but because governing elites would not respond adequately to changing circumstances, or because they would focus only on their own interests.
Arnold Toynbee, a British historian and history philosopher, said filial piety and tradition in the Korean family system would help improve the human culture, and thus, they should be maintained and shared widely throughout the world.