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any of various flame-resistant and strong synthetic fibres used in, for example, firefighters' clothing and body armour


(ˈær ə mɪd)

any of a class of synthetic aromatic long-chain polyamides capable of extrusion into very strong heat-resistant fibers.
[1970–75; probably ar (omatic) + -amid, resp. of amide]
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In a first application, the creative technology is used for a dorsal protection product covered with high-strength aromatic polyamide stretch fabric for bikers and motorcyclists.
In this study, a novel aromatic polyamide is synthesized, in which 4-(N-methylamino)benzoic acid and terephthalic acid chloride were hard segmented and a polymer of poly(propylene glycol)bis(2-aminopropyl ether) was connected as a soft segment [27, 28].
Among the topics are the influence of copolymer of sodium-methacrylic acid and methacrylic acid isobutyl ester on the physical-mechanical properties of cement systems, experimental data by piecewise linear functions, using micro-sized ferrocomposite particles to immobilize biologically active compounds, the thermal destruction process of aromatic polyamide and organic plastics, and two chemiluminescent methods for determining the blood serum antioxidant activity of patients with liver pathology.
The base resin for the new range is aromatic polyamide (PPA).
Provided is a laminate sheet prepared by laminating plural sheet materials by a resin composition, wherein the resin composition is comprised of an aromatic polyamide resin and an epoxy group-containing phenoxy resin having an epoxy group in the molecule, and the resin composition is a polyamide resin composition that contains 30 to 50% by mass of the epoxy group-containing phenoxy resin.
Concerning the two partially aromatic polyamide types, the adhesion strength rises up to a roughness of 1,2 [micro]m.
Process of bonding aromatic polyamide fibers to rubber compounds U.S.
The multi-functional geosynthetic material is designed for reinforcing road foundations and consists of a grid from coated "Twaron" aromatic polyamide yarns that are integrated into a Colback nonwoven.
According to Dow, Questra performed well compared to PPA, PPS, aliphatic aromatic polyamide, and nylon 66 when tested with long-life ethylene glycol and propylene glycol coolants at various temperatures.
The chemical reaction leading to the formation of aromatic polyamide is presented in Scheme 1.
For the solution polymerization of aromatic polyamide, however, no organic solvent is sufficiently powerful to keep the polymer in solution as the molecular weight of the polymer builds up.
This was most likely due to the decreased length of the aromatic polyamide block in the chain of nylon 6,6.