n.1.One who, or that which, aromatizes or renders aromatic.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The plant uses can be divided into four main categories, medicinal use (36 species), human food and food aromatizer (22 species), agricultural and veterinary use including plants as fodder (17 species), and domestic and handicrafts uses (16 species) (Figure 3).
A few issues later, a device was unveiled in the pages of the journal that would allow this dish, "one of the favorites of restaurant customers," to be prepared at more modest dining establishments--cooked not individually, as at the Aragvi, but in batches and seasoned more quickly with a specially designed "aromatizer" (aromatizator).
Spokesperson Vincent confirmed that the Commission has discussed to introduce a directive focusing on whether to use aromatizer in tobacco and a uniform package for all types of cigarettes in the future.
A crack running along the bottom of a picture frame merges into the etched image of a perfume bottle and its pebbled aromatizer. Below is the scribble of the artist's signature, and then a high-contrast shot of the angle between the back of the frame and the nail holding it to the wall.
His molecular gastronomy kitchen looks like a science lab-with liquid nitrogen supplies, spherification and molecular tools, a sugar blowing pump, immersion circulator, dehydrators, siphons, edible film sealers, smokers and aromatizers, and many more.
Combination of several artificial additives like sweeteners, dyes, preservatives, emulsifying agents, aromatizers, stabilizers and more, can improve properties, but sometimes do not meet any sanitary norms.
%, and aromatizers and/or sweeteners in pharmacologically acceptable amounts
2009) were obtained with 0.74% and 2.55% linalool inhaled for one hour, which represents useful information for the development of incenses and other types of ambient aromatizers where the goal is to minimize anxiety without inducing marked sedation or motor deficits.