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 (är′päd) Died 907.
Hungarian national hero who founded (c. 896) the first Hungarian dynasty, which ruled (with brief interruptions) until 1301.


(Biography) died 907 ad, Magyar chieftain who conquered Hungary in the late 9th century


(ˈɑr pɑd)

died A.D. 907, Hungarian national hero.
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Is it strange that when Arpad and his legions swept through the Hungarian fatherland he found us here when he reached the frontier, that the Honfoglalas was completed there?
In Slovakia, the European corridor for bicycles along the river will be built, informed Slovak Transport Minister Arpad ersek after the cabinet session as cited by the SITA newswire.
South Yorkshire Police's Operation Ben team was helped by senior research scientist Arpad Vass.
52 Wooster is a boutique building designed by Arpad Baksa Architect with four three- and four-bedroom homes with interiors by GRADE.
Urna Thurman se encuentra metida de lleno en una batalla judicial con su expareja, Arpad Busson, por la custodia de su hija Luna, nacida en 2012.
Ritual and Symbolic Communication in Medieval Hungary Under the Arpad Dynasty (1000-1301)
UMA Thurman and her former fiance Arpad Busson have settled their child custody battle.
Spain has to cope with the situation that your number one goalkeeper Arpad Sterbik is out due to injury.
The teenager died earlier this month along with Jordanna Goodwin, 16, Megan Storey, 16, Arpad Kore, 18, and Bartosz Bortniczak, 18, after the Toyota Corolla they were in was in a crash with a Seat Leon car just outside Conisbrough, near Doncaster.
Police have named the young people who died in the collision between two cars in South Yorkshire as Baras BarY -tosz Bortniczak, 18, Blake Cairns,16, Arpad Kore, 18, Jordanna Goodwin, 16 and Megan Storey, 16, who are all from Doncaster.
The three boys and two girls who died in the accident in South Yorkshire have been named as Bartosz Bortniczak, 18, Blake Cairns, 16, Arpad Kore, 18, Jordanna Goodwin, 16, and Megan Storey, 16.
Bartosz Bortniczak, 18, Blake Cairns,16, Arpad Kore, 18, Jordanna Goodwin, 16 and Megan Storey, 16, all died after the Toyota Corolla they were travelling in was in collision with another vehicle in South Yorkshire last night in foggy conditions.