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 (är′kə-bəs, -kwə-)
Variant of harquebus.
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(ˈɑːkwɪbəs) or


(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a portable long-barrelled gun dating from the 15th century: fired by a wheel-lock or matchlock. Also called: hackbut or hagbut
[C16: via Old French harquebuse from Middle Dutch hakebusse, literally: hook gun, from the shape of the butt, from hake hook + busse box, gun, from Late Latin busis box]
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(ˈhɑr kwə bəs)

n., pl. -bus•es.
small-caliber long gun operated by a matchlock or wheel-lock mechanism, dating from about 1400.
[1525–35; < Middle French harquebusche (with intrusive -r-) < Middle Dutch hākebusse=hāke hook + busse gun (literally, box) < Late Latin buxis, for Latin buxus box1]
har`que•bus•ier′ (-kwə bəˈsɪər) n.
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Noun1.arquebus - an obsolete firearm with a long barrelarquebus - an obsolete firearm with a long barrel
muzzle loader - an obsolete firearm that was loaded through the muzzle
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'First came the whole force of Manila in perfect order, the arquebusiers and musketeers firing their pieces at intervals.
In the 1480s and in the early 16th century, Muscovy also used arquebusiers (pishchal'niki).
(2) According to Duke of Courland Gotthard Kettler's obviously exaggerated description, Magnus was accompanied by 50 servants (Reisigen), a personal guard of 240 men (Trabanten), and 40 arquebusiers; Magnus and his entourage were met on the border by 7,000 Muscovites.
My friend Christian Bories of Les Arquebusiers des France even sent me a casing made from a 12-gauge paper shotshell he has fired in his Tabatiere, and it simply would not chamber in mine--again giving credence to my theory concerning the variance in chamber dimensions between guns.
Arquebusiers from Vise, Belgium, founded in 1 579, still parade with a statue of their patron St.