Being or served with a spicy sauce of tomatoes, garlic, and hot chili pepper: ordered penne arrabbiata and a salad.
Arrabbiata sauce.

[From Italian all'arrabbiata : alla, in the manner of (a, at, by, in + la, the) + arrabbiata, fit of rage (in reference to the hot chili peppers used in such dishes) (from arrabbiare, to enrage, from Vulgar Latin *arrabiāre : Latin ad-, ar-, ad- + Vulgar Latin *rabia, rabies, rage; see rage).]
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This week the starter (or two starters given the four courses) was Smoked Haddock Fishcake with Thai chilli sauce, followed by Rigatoni Arrabbiata, a pasta dish with a spicy tomato sauce.
In January, we added our first ever vegan option to our in-flight menu, with the introduction of the warming and hearty Penne Arrabbiata pasta dish, and in May we turned up the heat by introducing two exciting Nando's snacks to our new In-Flight menu, making us the first UK airline to help its customers get a Nando's fix in the sky.
WORDWISE: B WHO AM I: Shirley Temple 10 QUESTIONS: 1 Julius Caesar, 2 Newcastle University's city centre campus, 3 Joe Grundy, 4 Stadium, 5 Skopje, 6, Arrabbiata 7 Marchioness, 8 1976, 9 To cause vomiting, 10 Boxing
Diners will also find 'Arrabbiata Pasta with Omnipork Meatballs' and an 'Omnipork Patty with Barbeque Sauce' at Lime; these are offered alongside other dishes including 'Fishless Fish and Chips' and a selection of creative desserts to ensure the full plant based dining experience at PARKROYAL on Pickering.
There's six to choose from in the Irresistible range including spinach and ricotta (465g), chicken arrabbiata (510g) and prosciutto and rocket (450g).
The Pizza, Wraps & Co., chapter serves up Pizza Arrabbiata, Grilled Butternut Squash Tacos, Grilled Pesto Tart, and Vietnamese Pizzas.
Leave room for a helping of Pasta Arabiata, a tasty take and clever misspelling of 'arrabbiata' which literally means 'angry' in Italian; the name of the sauce refers to the usual spiciness of the chili peppers and Chef David's version is a little kinder taking into account local preferences.
Chicken Arrabbiata Meal Soup, PS1.80, Sainsbury's As the name suggests, this is a meal in itself.
They were made with mozzarella in a breadcrumb coating and served with an arrabbiata sauce which was thick and rich, making it a very pleasing accompaniment.
Schar's Fusilli with Arrabbiata Sauce, Caserecce Pasta with Pesto Sauce, and Cannelloni with Ricotta and Spinach, plus cheese and veggie gluten-free pizzas; Kidfresh's preservative-free Mac n Cheese and Chicken Nuggets made with "hidden" vegetables; Schwan's Freschetta Kitchen Fresh Pizzas (one gluten-free, one with whole-grain crust); and Nestle's Stouffer's Fit Kitchen protein-packed dishes that are grilled or oven-roasted and include herbs instead of oil for seasoning.
With music from the Irish Village for company (yes, it's that close), we tucked into some favourites like roasted pumpkin and burrata topped with chilli and mint dressing; wild mushroom arancini that falls apart quite nicely, with what I still maintain is one of the best arrabbiata sauces served in Dubai; rustic Italian pizza with fresh toppings of eggplant, zucchini and broccoli and the right amount of crisp in its base; and to switch it up a bit, some juicy lamb steak.