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1. A missile having a straight thin shaft with a pointed head at one end and often flight-stabilizing vanes at the other, meant to be shot from a bow.
2. Something, such as a directional symbol, that is similar to an arrow in form or function.
v. arrowed, arrow·ing, arrows
To move like an arrow.
To shoot with an arrow: arrowed a deer.

[Middle English arwe, from Old English.]


(Games, other than specified) (functioning as singular) Brit an informal name for darts


See also weaponry.

a crossbowman. Also arcubalist.
A form of divination in which marks or words are placed on arrows which are then drawn from a quiver at random.
1. pertaining to archery.
2. resembling an arrow; sagittate.
shaped like an arrowhead, especially plant leaves shaped like elongated triangles.
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Martin Donnelly, 55, a former Lotus and Arrows F1 driver was forced to retire from racing after a practice session in Jerez, Spain, left him with lifethreatening injuries.
In a deal between Arrows, Coral's Internet betting service and Manchester United, the Arrows F1 car will carry a logo in a bid to make more fans use the website.
Cincinnati Machine UK, based in Birmingham, is supplying six new CNC machining centres and lathes to the Arrows F1 team.
The group runs three divisions including TMG, which sells branded products for the Jaguar, BMW Williams, Jordan, BAR and Arrows F1 teams.
Nickerson is being backed on the technical side by his friend Tom Walkinshaw, the boss of the Arrows F1 team, through his TWR (Tom Walkinshaw Racing) group.
Tom Walkinshaw Racing, which owns the Arrows F1 team, has formed a partnership with Moscow to construct the first F1 circuit in the country on Nagatino Island, south of the Kremlin and Red Square.
It has since emerged that the group is focusing on TMG, which sells branded products for the Jaguar, BMW Williams, Jordan, BAR and Arrows F1 teams.
Name one of the Orange Arrows F1 drivers competing at Silverstone for the British Grand Prix.
Multi-millionaire Walkinshaw, who owns Gloucester rugby club as well as the Arrows F1 team, denied he was directly involved in the purchase of the French outfit and dismissed Stoddart as a bad loser.
1 1 1 The Arrows F1 auction which made headline news around the world was conducted by Birmingham professionals.
Meanwhile, Tom Walkinshaw has hit out at claims Gloucester will follow his Arrows F1 team into the financial abyss, and said: "Things are going well for Gloucester but there are these rumours trying to knock the team out of it's stride."
Last year the Arrows F1 team, run by Arrows Grand Prix International Ltd, employed some 300 staff at Leafield Technical Centre.