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(Placename) the Arabic name for the Orontes
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Detection of AR-V7-positive tumor cells by the Oncotype DX test indicates that the patient will no longer benefit from commonly prescribed ARSI therapies but can still benefit from chemotherapy to prolong survival.
Dorothy Arundell's authorship of the Brussels narrative has also been confirmed by an annotation on the index of ARSI MS Anglia 31 I-II, shown in fig.
At the start of 2014, a pilot project in the town of Arsi Negele, 275km south of Addis Ababa, demonstrated the need and popularity of biogas in backpacks.
2]As the camerapulls back a boy in a yellow 'Super-9' t-shirt( Lutfi Arsi )rises from the floor, flailing his head and torso and rolling his eyes as a team of medics sweeps in.
She Abdulkadir Tuka, a religious leader in the Ethiopian region of Arsi, describes why he chose the subjects of his photographs: 'I took a photo of a kerosene lantern.
El tercer manuscrito, que presenta otro titulo tambien redactado por la pluma del jurista de Logrono, se guarda en el ARSI.
Alemayehu Z, Ensermu R, Yaie B, Girma B, Taye G and M Hassena Farmers' feedback on the status of released bread wheat varieties in Chilalo awaraja, Arsi Zone, Ethiopia.
De Smet, Oregon Missions and Travels over the Rocky Mountains in 1845-46 (New York: Edward Dunigan, 1847), 227; ARSI, Nobili to Roothaan, February-March, 1846, Fort Shuswap (Kamloops).
La realidad concreta de los catalogos conservados en el ARSI no es siempre como sugiere el modelo abstracto presentado en el epigrafe anterior.
The report said the announcement was made after talks held Thursday in Algiers between Libyan Energy Minister Abdel al- Bari Arsi and his Algerian counterpart Yusuf Youssfi .