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or tach·ism  (tăsh′ĭz′əm)
A French school of art originating in the 1950s and characterized by irregular dabs and splotches of color applied haphazardly to the canvas.

[French tachisme, from tache, stain, from Old French teche, mark, of Germanic origin; see deik- in Indo-European roots.]

tach′iste, tach′ist n.


(ˈtɑːʃɪzəm; French taʃism)
(Art Terms) a type of action painting evolved in France in which haphazard dabs and blots of colour are treated as a means of instinctive or unconscious expression
[C20: French, from tache stain]

Tachism, Tachisme

a movement of the early 1950s which claimed to be in revolt against both Abstractism and naturalism, taking its name from patches of color (Fr. taches) placed on canvas spontaneously and by chance, the result being considered an emotional projection rather than an expression or a symbol. Cf. Abstract Expressionism. — Tachist, Tachiste, n.
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For example, they subsume art informel and gestural abstraction under the rubric of "materialist abstraction," the organizing concept of the show's second section, "Form Matters.
As he explains, 'Abstract Expressionism and Art Informel were taking the world by storm.
She soon became Tapie's poster child for the movement he coined Art autre, as well as Art informel, with an approach to sculpture ideally suited to his notions of spontaneously created, indefinite, and non-repetitious art.
000 visitors, while the Guggenheim Museum in New York devoted a new presentation from its permanent collection to CoBrA, tachisme and Art informel during the summer of 2012.
THE 'grotesqueness' of his work, however, is not a by-product of his intense assault against form, like those of European Art Informel artists.
The Dusseldorf-based group was one of a number of mid-twentieth-century European artist collectives with a concern for exploring audience activation via an art of motion and light as well as creating monochromatic and modular geometric works--a mode of facture that countered the continent's then-dominant tendencies of art informel or tachisme.
Cohen's mixing of graphite powder, acrylic, watercolor, ground pigment, and gesso lateralizes the traditional hierarchy between "painting" and "drawing," and loosely connects her work to the artists associated with the post-war European movement of Art Informel.
While most of the art produced during SI's early years looks pretty much the same (violent, aggressive postwar painting a la tachisme, art informel and/or CoBrA), the most innovative LI and SI projects employed detournement, a method--which Debord distinguished from collage--of reusing recognized media to create a different message.
Richter gave up Art Informel in 1962, just as Warhol dropped Abstract Expressionist brushiness in favor of the uninflected sharpness and clarity of his Pop images.
Junto con la action painting y el tachismo, el art informel, propiciado por el critico Michel Tapie, ofrecia nuevas direcciones estilisticas que los espanoles adaptaron a sus propios temperamentos esteticos.
The patches of red, blue, yellow and green applied to the side of an old hut Ugo lets go to ruin are reminiscent not only of the tassels in Ravenna's Byzantine mosaics but also of the thick dabs of contrasting colors that Stael(sic), another proponent of Art Informel, specialized in (p.

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