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instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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In his own mind he planned to go to Paris and to finish his art education among the masters there, but that never turned out.
Instructors and administrators of arts programs and art schools describe the continuing challenges of funding art education, and initiatives people are taking to meet those challenges.
Focusing on 100 years of art education, from 1914 to the modern day, he invites ideas and responses toward an art curriculum for a digital 21st century.
The development of art education in Pakistan over the last five decades is explored through three major phases: Arts as traditional crafts together with proficiency in painting and calligraphy.
Online Master's in Art Education Program; Summer Studio Session.
The National Art Gallery, Singapore and Keppel Corporation today jointly announce that Keppel Corporation will be donating $12 million to the National Art Gallery in support of its Centre for Art Education.
Introducing arts as a core subject with 120 minutes of art education per week in elementary schools
in art education from Murray State in Kentucky and a master's degree in art education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
Many different purposes for quality art education exist and can be served simultaneously.
ROBERT SABOL OF THE NATIONAL ART EDUCATION A SSOCIATION and funded by a grant from the National Art Education Foundation concluded that the No Child Left Behind Act has "created a number of negative effects on art education," and that art educators "generally have negative attitudes about the overall impact" of the legislation.
Art education in a climate of reform; the need for measurable goals in art instruction.