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instructor, teacher - a person whose occupation is teaching
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In his own mind he planned to go to Paris and to finish his art education among the masters there, but that never turned out.
American art historians/educators Rosenburg and Thurber provide students, K-12 teachers of art and related subjects, university art educators, and interested laypersons involved in K-12 art education with an up-to-date examination of gender and the role it plays in culture and art education.
She has been a major influence in and contributor to the history of art education, and has held key positions in art organizations, programs, and projects.
To learn more about the National Art Education Association, visit
The 2017 Illinois Art Education Association annual conference was held Dec.
Many years ago, I was attending a National Art Education Association annual conference.
ERIC Descriptors: Lifelong Learning; Art Education; State Agencies; State Action; State Programs; Partnerships in Education; Research and Development; Financial Support; Delivery Systems
The topics include the fair transfer of understanding about structures that increase the intellectual and emotional density of visual images, the experiences of the aesthetic in the new media in art education, the process of integrating the digital in art education in the 1980s and 1990s, incorporating art and music, obstacles in handling new media in art education revealed by psychoanalytic devices, an international MA program in visual knowledge building and ePedagogy design, and notes toward the facilitation of creative and artistic autonomy in a digital environment.
Reston, Virginia: National Art Education Association, 2003.
He and his family moved to San Diego in 1957, where he served as Curriculum Specialist for Art Education in the San Diego City Schools for 26 years.
ERIC Descriptors: Art Education; Principals; School Administration; Educational Environment; Time Management; Resource Allocation; Educational Objectives; Budgeting; Parent Participation; Integrated Curriculum; Faculty Development; Communities of Practice; Personnel Selection; Community Involvement; Federal Aid; Federal Legislation; Educational Legislation; School Schedules; Educational Facilities; After School Programs; School Community Relationship
Your celebration can include exhibits of children's artwork; promotional tools such as buttons, posters, and bumper stickers; a proclamation from your mayor and local officials; a collection of quotes in support of art and art education from leading citizens and from young students on what art means to them; artwork in symphony programs, on billboards, restaurant placemats, in utilities' customer flyers, and on supermarket bags.