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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: school - a school specializing in artart school - a school specializing in art  
conservatoire, conservatory - a schoolhouse with special facilities for fine arts
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My brother was often at the South Kensington Museum, and, in order to make some sort of secondary life for myself, I paid for a few lessons at the Art Schools.
He studied French and went to an art school, hoping to develop a faculty he had for drawing.
He married a girl who sat in a chair next to his own in the art school and went to live in an apartment house in Brooklyn.
The value of fundamental drawing, painting and sculpture skills, dismissed for decades by high profile art schools offering a more undisciplined approach, is once again being recognised.
With soaring fees for higher education in the UK, all the humanities are having to make a strong case for themselves, and art schools seem to be thinking particularly hard about their purpose.
Prior Information Notice: Supply and installation of musical instruments and audio equipment within the project "modernization of education and conditions for teaching in art schools.
com, a leading online directory of art schools in Texas, discusses what it means to be an artist.
Revolution of forms; Cuba's forgotten art schools, updated ed.
Beijing, Sept 1(ANI): Martial art schools are reported to be facing declining business in China's Anhui and Henan province.
Many of the young artists that Shafei exhibits have come out of these state art schools, but as Shaalan explains, the art school system in Egypt needs to be restructured for many reasons.
The first four chapters I'll address offer international perspectives, framing the history and effects of the Bologna Accord on art schools in Canada, Australia, Norway, and Denmark.
Their implementation might be seen in the context of a broader administrative regression toward discipline and inflexibility instigated, in part, by the 1968 occupations of two art schools in the United Kingdom.