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Noun1.Artamus - type genus of the ArtamidaeArtamus - type genus of the Artamidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
Artamidae, family Artamidae - wood swallows
swallow shrike, wood swallow - Australasian and Asiatic bird related to the shrikes and resembling a swallow
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Whitehead (1893 [1993]), for example, says of the white-breasted wood-swallow (Artamus leucorhynchus), "This bird is called a Tree-Swallow from its habit of flying about after the manner of swallows, and frequently resting on the branches of dead trees; but I should think that, from its mode of nesting and its eggs, it is much more nearly allied to the Shrikes." DNA-DNA hybridization studies a century later proved him correct (Sibley and Monroe 1990).