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n. Greek Mythology
The virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon and twin sister of Apollo.



(Classical Myth & Legend) Greek myth the virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon: the twin sister of Apollo. Roman counterpart: Diana Also called: Cynthia


(ˈɑr tə mɪs)

an ancient Greek goddess, characterized as a virgin huntress and associated with the moon: identified by the Romans with Diana.
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Noun1.Artemis - (Greek mythology) the virgin goddess of the hunt and the MoonArtemis - (Greek mythology) the virgin goddess of the hunt and the Moon; daughter of Leto and twin sister of Apollo; identified with Roman Diana
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks


[ˈɑːtɪmɪs] nArtemide f
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He called her Artemis, Demeter, and other fanciful names half teasingly, which she did not like because she did not understand them.
It tells how all creatures, and even the gods themselves, are subject to the will of Aphrodite, saving only Artemis, Athena, and Hestia; how Zeus to humble her pride of power caused her to love a mortal, Anchises; and how the goddess visited the hero upon Mt.
Goddess and sister, befriend, Artemis, Lady of Thebes, high-throned in the midst of our mart!
3) O that thine arrows too, Lycean King, From that taut bow's gold string, Might fly abroad, the champions of our rights; Yea, and the flashing lights Of Artemis, wherewith the huntress sweeps Across the Lycian steeps.
here is the duchess, looking like Artemis in a tailor-made gown.
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