a.1.Same as
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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JONES Enfys Yn sydyn yn Ysbyty Treforys ddydd Iau, Ionawr 21, 2016 bu farw Enfys, Preswylfa, Llangrannog; priod cariadus y diweddar Pwyll, mam annwyl Gari a chwaer hoffus Greta, Iona, Philip a'r diweddar Eifion ac Arthen.
y another six teams that arThen you would have another six teams that are around mid-table and maybe looking at the Europa League followed by the teams towards the bottom of the table.
Wooldridge, Jennifer Allis Provost, Terri Bruce and Inanna Arthen will share their roads to publication, and how each of them used NaNoWriMo as a tool in their success.
European pagans themselves however have rejected this label, giving preference to the term "indigenous religions" an argument that has been articulated by Andras Corban Arthen (2010) while it was implicitly acknowledged at the 2009 Parliament of the World's Religions meeting in Melbourne when European ethnic traditions were included in the same category as other indigenous religions (Corban Arthen 2010, Rassias n.d.).
IB GROUP: Ch - JR Sutcliffe, Cumbria; R - Geraint Roberts, Cefn Arthen, Brynciencyn (Landrace).
Arthen. Major Arthen was convicted of conduct unbecoming of an officer after engaging in a sexual affair with an enlisted member of the Air Force.
Users can find out about Pagan vocalist Sarah Stockwell Arthen at or make reservations for the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference at
Da nun aber der itzige status musices gantz anders weder ehedem beschaffen, die Kunst um sehr viel gestiegen, der gusto sich verwunderens-wurdig geandert, dahero auch die ehemalige Arth yon Music unseren Ohren nicht mehr klingen will, und mann um so mehr einer erklecklichen Beyhulffe benothiget ist, damit solche subjecta choisiret und bestellet werden konnen, so den itzigen musicalischen gustum assequiren, die neuen Arthen der Music bestreiten, mithin im Stande seyn konnen, dem Compositori und deBen Arbeit satisfaction zu geben, hat man die wenigen beneficia, so ehe hatten sollen vermehret als veringert werden, dem Choro Musico gar entzogen.(47)
Yn cipio'r gwobrau bron i gyd yn adran y gwartheg godro oedd Iwan Huws a'r teulu, Penrhos, Bodedern, Caergybi, ac enillydd adran y moch oedd Gwyn Roberts, Cefn Arthen, Brynsiencyn.
Parents Geraint and Nerys, from Cefn Arthen, Brynsiencyn, are noted breeders of Saddleback and Landrace pigs, and run the show''s pig section.
With wife Nerys, Geraint runs a pig unit at Cefn Arthen, Brynsiencyn.