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n.1.(Zool.) The side or limb-bearing portion of an arthromere.
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Cutter investigates an invasion of giant spiders on the Underground and soon finds himself confronted by a far more ferocious creature - the 15ft arthropleura, a prehistoric relative of the millipede.
Amongst the monsters the team face down are a sabre-tooth killing machine the Gorgonopsid, a 15ft centipede-like Arthropleura and the Mososaur sea serpent.
The book begins with an overview of the animals that roamed Earth before the dinosaurs, such as the Arthropleura, the largest land arthropod of all time at up to 2 meters in length.
The fossil - arthropleura pustulatus - lived in a carboniferous swamp 55 million years before dino-saurs appeared.
The presence of the largest known terrestrial detritivore, the gargantuan millipede-like Arthropleura, is recorded by a 23 cm wide Diplichnites trackway (Fig.