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Noun1.Arthropoda - jointed-foot invertebrates: arachnidsArthropoda - jointed-foot invertebrates: arachnids; crustaceans; insects; millipedes; centipedes
animal kingdom, Animalia, kingdom Animalia - taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct animals
arthropod - invertebrate having jointed limbs and a segmented body with an exoskeleton made of chitin
Chelicerata, superclass Chelicerata - spiders; scorpions; horseshoe crabs
superclass Myriapoda - used in some classifications to encompass the millipedes (Diplopoda) and centipedes (Chilopoda); formerly a large taxon including also the Pauropoda and Symphyla; the term Myriapoda now usually used synonymously with Diplopoda and limited to the millipedes
class Pauropoda, Pauropoda - an obscure class of minute arthropods with branched antennae and 8 to 10 pairs of legs
class Symphyla, Symphyla - small class of minute arthropods; unimportant except for the garden centipede
class Tardigrada, Tardigrada - in some classifications considered a separate phylum: microscopic arachnid-like invertebrates living in water or damp moss having 4 pairs of legs and instead of a mouth a pair of stylets or needlelike piercing organs connected with the pharynx
Chilopoda, class Chilopoda - arthropods having the trunk composed of numerous somites each bearing one pair of legs: centipedes
class Diplopoda, class Myriapoda, Diplopoda, Myriapoda - arthropods having the body composed of numerous double somites each with two pairs of legs: millipedes
class Crustacea, Crustacea - class of mandibulate arthropods including: lobsters; crabs; shrimps; woodlice; barnacles; decapods; water fleas
class Onychophora, Onychophora - enigmatic small elongated wormlike terrestrial invertebrates of damp dark habitats in warm regions; distinct from the phylum Annelida; resemble slugs with legs and are sometimes described as the missing link between arthropods and annelids
class Hexapoda, class Insecta, Hexapoda, Insecta - insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species
insect - small air-breathing arthropod
phylum - (biology) the major taxonomic group of animals and plants; contains classes
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Referring to organ, an ovotestis or syngonic is becoming an increasingly common feature in the reproductive anatomy on invertebrates (Davison, 2006), which occurs in a wide range of taxa, but mainly to Phylum Mollusca (ubiquitous), Arthropoda (rare) and in lesser degree to Echinodermata (almost absent, even more absent to echinoids) (Ghiselin, 1969; Hoagland, 1978, 1984; Allsop and West, 2004; Ford et al., 2008).
The complete mitochondrial genome of the scab mite Psoroptes cuniculi (Arthropoda: Arachnida) provides insights into Acari phylogeny.
Levantamento populacional de predadores (Arthropoda) em cultivo organico de goiaba (Psidium guajava L).
Though amphipods are common in the sea, akin to insects on land and belonging to the same phylum, Arthropoda, they usually escape our notice as they are very small and occur in fine sand or within the water column where they live among algae.
PHYLUM/class York river ([dagger]) ANNELIDA Polychaeta Spionidae Capitellidae Nereidae Orbiniidae Glyceridae Ampharetidae Maldanidae Cirratulidae Pectinariidae Phyllodocidae ARTHROPODA Malacostraca Gammaridae Corophiidae Idoteidae Hippolytidae CHORDATA Leptocardii Branchiostomidae MOLLUSCA Gastropoda Retusidae Atyidae Pyramidellidae Bivalvia Tellinidae NEMERTEA Lineidae Phoronida Delaware Bay ([double dagger]) ANNELIDA Polychaeta Nereidae Spionidae Unidentified ARTHROPODA Amphipoda Gammaridae Crustacea Pinnotheridae Gastropoda Nassariidae Others Mixed microbenthos Oyster Bay ([section]) ARTHROPODA Crustacea Panopeidae MOLLUSCA Gastropoda Nassariidae PORIFERA Demospongiae Microcionidae PHYLUM/class Common name Totalno.
olivacea Arthropoda Plah/lepas hexastylos, Chelonibia testunidaria, Conchoderma virgatum, Lepas anarifera, planes a/ aneus, Gammaridae Chor data Remora remora Rhodophyta Polysiphonia sp.
A holistic re-interpretation of the phylogeny of the Pycnogonida Latreille, 1810 (Arthropoda).