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Noun1.Arthur Holmes - English geologist and supporter of the theory of continental drift (1890-1965)
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They include the inventor Sir Joseph Swan, geologist Arthur Holmes, footballers Paul Gascoigne and Hughie Gallagher, and Brendan Foster who established Gateshead as a centre for international athletics.
The advent of using radioactivity as a clock for elapsed geologic time gave the scientific community one of its true pioneers and enduring stars, Arthur Holmes. Beginning about 1908, he developed a grand array of hypotheses and brilliant time-related concepts, wedding radiometric age determinations with observed geological phenomena.
For all its strengths, this book will not resonate as well with scholars less influenced by the culture of American Christian colleges of the past half-century For such persons this memoir will still be informative, however, even if the mostly Reformed interlocutors with whom VanZanten engages--Jacques Ellul, Arthur Holmes, Abraham Kuyper, Francis Schaeffer, Nicholas Wolterstorff, and others--may seem foreign to them.
He was one of four children of miner Arthur Holmes and wife Ada and was brought up in the pit village of Carlton, near Barnsley.
Singer-songwriter Alex Glasgow (1935-2001) Playwright Katherine Sowerby (1876-1970) Geo-scientist Arthur Holmes (1890-1965) William Clarke (1831-1890), founder of Clarke Chapman Engineering Works Electric lightbulb inventor Sir Joseph Swan (1828-1914).
After discussing physical sciences in the 1890s, the author turns to the development of radioactive dating techniques in the first years of the twentieth century and then to British geologist Arthur Holmes, who determined an age for the Earth on the order of several billion years.
In a second section, older, less current lectures include Arthur Holmes's (Wheaton College) classic apologetic of the theocentric unity of troth and his case for a Christian college; Denton Lotz speaks of the arrogance of the West and the role that Christian colleges have in the conversion of the West and East; and Anthony Campolo describes "radical" Christian colleges that are intentional about their profession of the faith and are places whose graduates do not fit into the social system comfortably but who can bring about nonviolent social change.
Arthur Holmes is no stranger to the discussion and literature regarding the role of Christianity in higher education.