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Noun1.Arthur Laffer - United States economist who proposed the Laffer curve (born in 1940)
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WASHINGTON President Donald Trump will award the Presidential Medal of Freedom on Wednesday to economist Arthur Laffer, a former top Ronald Reagan adviser whose theory of supply-side economics has long been a lightning rod for controversy.
Fallin had unveiled a plan, developed with anti-tax crusader Arthur Laffer, to slash the top income tax rate by 30 percent immediately and repeal Oklahoma's personal income tax entirely within a decade.
Nashville, TN, March 22, 2018 --( Andy Martin, president of 7Twelve Advisors, LLC and author of Dollarlogic: A Six-Day Plan to Achieving Higher Returns by Conquering Risk, foreword by Arthur Laffer, PhD., has released a study that indicates that wide diversification may be what it takes to beat the next bear market in stocks.
Moore was the Co-Founder of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, alongside Arthur Laffer, Steve Forbes and Larry Kudlow.
The notion that tax cuts can lead to greater tax revenues has been popularized in recent decades by economist Arthur Laffer, whose "Laffer curve" suggests that somewhere between zero and 100 percent taxation rates (two extremes that are both assumed to yield zero revenue), there is an optimal rate that will lead to more revenue than either a lower or a higher rate.
Those papers were authored by economist and Reagan administration veteran Arthur Laffer, who created the theoretical "( Laffer Curve " based on the relationship between tax rates and tax revenue that gave birth to Reagonomics.
The Pillars of Reaganomics: A Generation of Wisdom from Arthur Laffer and the Supply-Side Revolutionaries.
One of the most famous napkin doodles that made a global impact was economist Arthur Laffer's drawing of his theory of tax policy, kick-starting the rise of supply-side economics.
NexPoint Residential Trust Inc (NYSE:NXRT) (NXRT) on Tuesday named Arthur Laffer and James Dondero as members of its board of directors and Laffer was also appointed chairman of the Compensation Committee and Dondero as chairman of the board.
Economist Arthur Laffer, after whom the graph was named, argued that the curve has a hill-like or inverted U shape.
Advocates of the legislation point to conservative supporters including American Conservative Union chairman Al Cardenas and economist Arthur Laffer.
After voters in 2005 rejected a series of initiatives designed to change the balance of power in Sacramento, the economist Arthur Laffer, father of supply-side economics, departed the state for the greener pastures of Tennessee.