Arthur Rimbaud

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Noun1.Arthur Rimbaud - French poet whose work influenced the surrealists (1854-1891)
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Relying on male icons--the teenaged French poet Arthur Rimbaud, American Beats Allen Ginsberg and William Burroughs, rock stars Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Bob Dylan--she fashioned a rock-star persona that made the Patti Smith Group an icon for a whole generation of young rockers.
Then came roles as a gunslinger in The Quick And The Dead, a heroin addict in The Basketball Diaries, Arthur Rimbaud in Total Eclipse and Romeo in Baz Luhrmann's version of Romeo And Juliet.
Yet while Charles Baudelaire, who was roughly Corbiere's contemporary, talked to a 19th century society of his mistresses loins and Arthur Rimbaud wrote of his lovers fundament, Corbiere managed to bridge the delicate gap between forceful poetic expression and obscenity.
BORN BELA Lugosi, Austrian film actor, 1882, above CHRISTOPHER Wren, English architect, 1632 ARTHUR Rimbaud, French poet, 1854 DIED CHARLES Babbage, British inventor,1791 JANE Wyatt, US actress, 1910 BURT Lancaster, US film actor, 1994, above
Contractor address : 31 rue Arthur Rimbaud immeuble Amphypolis II batiment D
He then imagined his dinosaurs in conversation, putting into speech bubbles dialogue drawn from Situationist comics (Situationism being an art movement spawned by Surrealism and Dadaism) and from his own readings of poems by the likes of Arthur Rimbaud and Allen Ginsberg.
The doomed tug of love between Paul Verlaine, Arthur Rimbaud and Verlaine's wife Mathilde is boldly told in the Citizens' tiny Circle, as part of the Glasgay
A force de voyager, ses deplacements reguliers et inlassables frolent l'errance, a l'instar du poete-boheme Arthur Rimbaud.
There is a kind of terrible irony there, because I remember I bought into the whole enigma of Arthur Rimbaud, the poet, when I was young.
The French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, oversaw the building's construction.
Addis Ababa: Camels rather than locomotives lumber over the railway tracks in this remote desert, famously traversed by storied French adventurers Arthur Rimbaud and Henry de Monfreid in the early 20th century.
Paris-based artists, poets and writers, from Vincent Van Gogh to Arthur Rimbaud and Ernest Hemingway were all regular drinkers, giving the spirit a bohemian edginess that wider society longed to share.