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Noun1.Arthur Schlesinger - United States historian and advisor to President Kennedy (born in 1917)
2.Arthur Schlesinger - United States historian (1888-1965)
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If people do not know who they are, they are no longer sure what sex they are," Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Bill, I beg you, don't become Arthur Schlesinger to Trump's Kennedys, or Joe Klein to Trump's Clintons.
La licencia que toma el guion de Noah Oppenheim al describir un encuentro tenso sirve para mostrar el lado acido de Jackie, mismo que salio a la luz cuatro meses despues en otra entrevista, esta vez con el historiador Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Cherniss rightfully places Berlin in a wider world of postwar liberals-including some American thinkers like Reinhold Niebuhr and Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
Her deliberately constructed-for-posterity taped conversations in March 1964 with the historian Arthur Schlesinger, published in 2011, have added to her posthumous renown.
Kennedy's image as a bastion of liberalism was crafted by his liberal aides Theodore Sorensen and Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
De manera mas reciente, hace 55 anos Arthur Schlesinger y otros asesores creativos forjaron, a partir de un modesto senador, la imagen de John Kennedy y lo que ha constituido una leyenda que aun continua y que, quiza, nunca termine.
One often feels that Kallina's real antagonists in this book are not the Kennedys themselves-although he is especially hard on RFK--but Theodore White (The Making of the President 1960 [Atheneum House, 1961]), Ted Sorensen (Kennedy [Harper and Row, 1965]), and Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
Chosen as one of the 100 best nonfiction books of the 20th century by the Modern Library in 1999, much to the annoyance of Williams' ideological rival Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
The first version of the Web site to hit the Internet, in 2004, featured commentary by an unlikely pair, comedian Larry David and the late Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr.
In his great biography of President Andrew Jackson, (1) Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.
Dominic Lieven's Russia Against Napoleon is one example, books by Arthur Schlesinger, David Halberstam, or Michael Beschloss, are others.