Arthur Tappan

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Noun1.Arthur Tappan - United States abolitionist (1786-1865)
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(4.) The Student Volunteer Movement came into being after a talk given in 1886 by Arthur Tappan Pierson (1837-1911) at the Mount Hermon summer conference in Northfield, Mass.
In virtue of claims counter to those of Williams, the publishers and promoters of Williams' narrative withdrew it from circulation sometime during the last quarter of 1838; the narrative had been published and promoted by the American Anti-Slavery Society which had been founded in 1833 by Arthur Tappan and William Lloyd Garrison.
During these years Arthur Tappan, a wealthy, Eastern, abolitionist philanthropist, began talking about starting a "New School" theological seminary on the manual-labor plan.
Arthur Tappan Pierson was one of the most influential figures of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century Anglo-American Protestantism.
Businessman and evangelical reformer Arthur Tappan, for example, not only forbade any clerk to attend the theatre but even to make the acquaintance of an actor.
Its first president was Arthur Tappan, who like his brother Lewis was a wealthy New York City businessman.