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(Biography) Sir Arthur Wing. 1855–1934, English dramatist. His works include the farce Dandy Dick (1887) and the problem play The Second Mrs Tanqueray (1893)


(pəˈnɪər oʊ, -ˈnɛər oʊ)

Sir Arthur Wing, 1855–1934, English playwright and actor.
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Comedy loves small spaces, but the wide-open expanse of the Olivier stage is the home for Timothy Sheader's production of "The Magistrate," a farce by Victorian playwright Arthur Wing Pinero.
On the literary front, Gibbs discusses Shaw's influences (Shakespeare, Bunyan, Blake, Dickens, Chekhov, Strindberg, Ibsen) and friendships: from playwrights Henry Arthur Jones, Harley Granville-Barker, Arthur Wing Pinero, Oscar Wilde, and W.
The professionals praising a fellow professional, a rare event in a highly competitive business replete with egotists, include Sir James Barrie, Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, Neil Munro, Maurice Hewlett, Harley Granville Barker, and G.
A bigger stage was built in the 1860s and performers of repute, including the young Dan Leno and Arthur Wing Pinero, appeared there.