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 (zĭg′ə-pŏf′ĭ-sĭs, zī′gə-)
n. pl. zyg·a·poph·y·ses (-sēz′)
One of two usually paired processes of the neural arch of a vertebra that articulates with corresponding parts of adjacent vertebrae.

zyg′ap·o·phys′e·al, zyg′ap·o·phys′i·al (zĭg′ăp-ə-fĭz′ē-əl, zī′găp-) adj.
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(ˌzɪɡəˈpɒfɪsɪs; ˌzaɪɡə-)
n, pl -ses (-ˌsiːz)
1. (Anatomy) anatomy zoology one of several processes on a vertebra that articulates with the corresponding process on an adjacent vertebra
2. (Zoology) anatomy zoology one of several processes on a vertebra that articulates with the corresponding process on an adjacent vertebra
[C19: from zygo- + apophysis]
zygapophyseal, zygapophysial adj
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(ˌzɪg əˈpɒf ə sɪs, ˌzaɪ gə-)

n., pl. -ses (-ˌsiz)
one of the four processes of a vertebra, occurring in pairs that interlock each vertebra with the vertebrae above and below.
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A characteristic cervical vertebrae consists of vertebral body, pedicle, lamina, transverse process, spinous process, and superior and inferior articular process (Drake et al., 2010).
We used the following entry points: thoracic spine; 3 mm caudal to the junction of the transverse process and the lateral margin of the superior articulating process, and the sagittal trajectory was always orthogonal to the dorsal curvature of the spine at that level as described by Fennel et al, in lumbar spine; the junction of the pars interarticularis, the midpoint of the transverse process and the inferior point of the superior articular facet, in sacral; the infero-lateral margin of the basis of the superior articular process of the sacrum We collected data on the number of patients, the number of inserted pedicle screws, and parameters of the surgical technique (entry point, axial, and sagittal trajectories).
The retroisthmic cleft results from a congenital nonunion of the lamina immediately posterior to the inferior articular process, and laminolysis is a term used to describe laminar stress fractures caused from chronic mechanical overload.
Computed tomography of thoracic spine (sagittal view) showing significant, unilateral sclerosis of the pedicle and superior articular process with associated fracture lines.
The target of the radiofrequency was the juncture of the superior articular process and transverse process for L1-4 levels.
Owing to the heterogeneous signal intensities, computerized topography (CT) was performed which revealed the presence of an osseous lesion attached to the right L2 inferior articular process causing severe secondary canal stenosis (Figure 3).
A 22-G RFN needle with 5 mm active tip was inserted in the neck targeting the posterior aspect of the lateral third of the inferior articular process of the atlas.
Since the space between the exiting root and the articular process is very limited, even when extreme caution is taken, it is impossible to completely avoid the risk of damaging the exiting nerve root [13].
The width of the anteroposterior spinal canal was 13.7 mm at the midline, 9 mm at the medial border of the right superior articular process, and 5.1 mm at the medial border of the left superior articular process (Figure 1).
Updated, this edition includes access to video clips and has new chapters on imaging, neuronal physiology, sleep disorders, head shaking, differential diagnosis of muscle trembling and weakness, and cervical articular process joint disease.
The lower articular process and lower 1/2-2/3 of the lamina of the upper vertebra on the affected side, ligamentum flavum, and the thicker part of the upper articular process were cut with forceps under direct vision to fully decompress the nerve root and central canal.
Maximum and minimum value of A-P diameter of superior articular process was measured as 21.75 [+ or -] 2.03 and 12.75 [+ or -] 2.50 respectively.