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n.1.(Zool.) A joint of the cirri of the Crinoidea; a joint or segment of an arthropod appendage.
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El primer articulus presenta la eficacia de la pasion de Jesus, mientras el segundo describe su persona vista desde la perspectiva de la redencion y de la mediacion (de persona redemptoris et mediatoris).
Fundamentando a doutrina da justificacao por graca e fe somente, eles fazem dessa doutrina o articulus stantis et cadentis ecclesiae.
In Latin articulus means a member, part, or subdivision of a sequence; applied to speech, articulation designates either the subdivision of a spoken chain into syllables or the subdivision of the chain of meanings into significant units .
This ethically preoccupied essay has focused its attention on what we might call "homo articulus," which differs from Kenneth Burke's "symbol-using animal" or Alfred Korzybski's "time-binder" (which entails the notion of "social binder") only in terms of focus, or starting point.
Articulus, a flexible expansion joint system developed by Bridge Preservation, offers seamless waterproofing protection for joint openings.