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The full extent to which the British landscape is divided up with artificial lines is disorienting.
The leader of the General Assembly and the Belarusian Ambassador agreed that one of the most important remaining tasks was the prevention and overcoming of the artificial lines of division and isolation between various groups of states both in the global arena and at the UN.
We have to get rid of the lines around the state, artificial lines, where we stop health insurance companies from coming in and competing, because they want -- and President Obama and whoever was working on it -- they want to leave those lines, because that gives health insurance companies essentially monopolies.
Related: Trump, Bill Clinton clash over 'craziest' ACA thing "We have to get rid of the artificial lines around the states, where we stop insurance companies from coming in and competing," Trump said.
Ivankovich says OnePatient focuses on "bio-psycho-social medicine," uniting mental and physical healthcare into a single end in hopes of blurring the artificial lines that separate them.
The obsession with artificial lines on a map of Wales by some Welsh politicians when it comes to local government is worse than a distraction in my opinion.
Let's hope that most of them have learned that viewers no longer dote on quotable but artificial lines poetically mouthed by kids with the vocabulary of adults-and that greater realism is in for TV in 2015, and hopefully thereafter
Despite this, we witness the natural transitional nature of border regions and the efforts made by people to transcend the artificial lines drawn around and between them.
The coming together of Liverpool and Wirral chambers reflects the increased strategic focus on the City Region and the importance of not drawing somewhat artificial lines which divide the region's natural economic area.
In order to blur these artificial lines, I tried to infuse my journalism articles with as much literary flavor as I could get away with.
Many states already draw artificial lines between necessary foodstuffs and luxury items for the purpose of taxation.
If a business is considering an inward investment project for this region, for example, it doesn't think of artificial lines between east and west.

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