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A trademark for an artificial grasslike ground covering.


(General Sporting Terms) a type of grasslike artificial surface used for playing fields and lawns
[C20: from Astro(dome), the baseball stadium in Texas where it was first used + turf]


(ˈæs trəˌtɜrf)
a carpetlike covering made of vinyl and nylon to resemble turf.


® [ˈæstrəʊtɛːf] Ncésped m artificial
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The business has been installing Artificial Turf for the past 19 years.
Football enthusiasts in Kanglung and Trashigang can play on a better field with the artificial turf at Sherubtse College nearing completion in February.
Announcement of competition: Investigation of environmentally friendly replacement products for rubber granulates as input mass for artificial turf fields.
The prospective cohort study entitled 'Incidence, Mechanisms, and Severity of Game-Related High School Football Injuries Across Artificial Turf Systems of Various Infill Weight - A Four-Year Study', consists in the analysis of injury-related data from high school games played on artificial turf.
While it is difficult to replicate natural turf fully, the perceived fear of abrasion-type injuries on artificial turf is surprising given the fact that, unlike natural turf, artificial turf fields are required to satisfy a set of safety and performance standards that include an abrasion measure.
A Turkish company which specialises in making artificial turf for sports stadia is back at the Big 5 in 2013 after securing its biggest ever order for its product at last year's event.
Artificial turf for use in sports, gardens or golf courses consists of a base attached to grass-like blades passing through a damping material.
CORVALLIS - Oregon State will hold two workouts for the first time today, which means the lights come on for the practice fields that were resurfaced with artificial turf over the summer.
To help players safely slide, tackle and fall without abrasions and enhance the playing quality, a high performance artificial turf system has been specially developed for the Olympic Hockey Centre in London's Olympic Park.
DENMARK'S footballers have given short shrift to playing on artificial turf.
NORTHBRIDGE - The Board of Selectmen at its March 13 meeting will decide whether to put a request for $900,000 to install artificial turf on Lasell Field on the warrant for the May 1 annual town meeting.
Installing an artificial turf floor, as opposed to a hard floor or keeping the present concrete floor from the former arena would be the most financially sustainable use for the facility.