Artillery park

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A collective body of siege or field artillery, including the guns, and the carriages, ammunition, appurtenances, equipments, and persons necessary for working them.
The place where the artillery is encamped or collected.

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The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held beneath the centerpiece of the Artillery Park one of Mighty Mos original 16-inch guns, a giant artillery piece mounted on the battleship U.
The program was launched at a press conference in Washington Square Artillery Park in the heart of the tourist district.
But the baby boy was eventually found hidden in the girl's bedroom in her parents'home in Artillery Park late on Tuesday.
At the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, the author makes the rather grand assumption that victory would have gone to Napoleon if his riders had been carrying nails to spike the enemy guns after the English artillery park had been overrun.
The new Artillery Park at Fort Miles, which is scheduled to open this summer, will feature more big guns and include a central pathway that will display wayside exhibits that tell the story behind each gun.
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