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Noun1.Arturo Toscanini - Italian conductor of many orchestras worldwide (1867-1957)Arturo Toscanini - Italian conductor of many orchestras worldwide (1867-1957)
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Weiser, a graduate of the Berlin University of the Arts, was a finalist in the first annual Arturo Toscanini International Conducting Competition held in Italy in 1985.
T'S a foggy November night in the Italian city of Parma and the Auditorium Paganini - home of the city's orchestra, the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini - is buzzing.
Alpesh Chauhan, principal conductor of Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini Parma, makes his Orchestra of Opera North debut.
On the night of June 30, 1886, Arturo Toscanini - recently turned 19 - arrived, barely on time, at the imperial opera house in Rio de Janeiro, where the touring company for which he was the principal cellist was about to perform Aida.
Vocal coach Carlo Edwards (David Haig) and venerated conductor Arturo Toscanini (John Kavanagh) prepare Florence for a big concert at the world-famous Carnegie Hall.
The book consists of five chapters and can be divided in two main parts: one dedicated to Cantica composition and its reception in Verdi's time, and one dedicated to later appropriations of the work by Italian conductor Arturo Toscanini.
He's also sufficiently protective of what might kindly be termed Jenkins' unorthodox talent to curb her vocal contributions to the show, though when she bullishly insists on staging a solo concert, he's quick to her aid, lavishly bribing Metropolitan Opera director Arturo Toscanini (John Kavanagh) to act as her fawning vocal coach, and hiring baffled young pianist Cosme McMoon (Simon Heiberg) to accompany her tortured warbling.
He conducted numerous orchestras including La Scala Phil, Filharmonia London, Hungary State Symphony, Arturo Toscanini Orchestra, Salzburg Mozarteum Orchestra.
The third was "Feste Romane," premiered by Arturo Toscanini and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra in 1929.
Demonet then discusses Gustav Mahler (creator of the modern Vienna Staatsoper, 1898-1907) and Arturo Toscanini (remaker of the Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 1898-1908).
Facilities management ~Palasegrate "and" Auditorium Arturo Toscanini - Cultural Center Cascina Commandery (main service): 181 000 EUR - Management bar (secondary burden): 189 000 EUR - Estimated value of the annual grant: 370 000 EUR - Amount based d ~auction, upward (barda pay license fees to the municipal administration - cost): 30 000 EUR.
Doy un pequeno salto porque el espacio se acaba, para recordar que el 13 de 1973 nace en Peru Juan Diego Florez, el unico "Tenore di grazzia" que existe en este momento sobre la tierra, y el 16 muere Arturo Toscanini, el director que marco toda una epoca y dirigio el estreno de la ultima opera de Puccini, Turandot.