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Noun1.Arturo Toscanini - Italian conductor of many orchestras worldwide (1867-1957)Arturo Toscanini - Italian conductor of many orchestras worldwide (1867-1957)
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Original stamp art includes Jazz, Tito Puente, Arturo Toscanini, Merengue and Ethel Merman.
Demonet then discusses Gustav Mahler (creator of the modern Vienna Staatsoper, 1898-1907) and Arturo Toscanini (remaker of the Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 1898-1908).
But it wasn't performed until two years later, when Arturo Toscanini conducted it at Rockefeller Center in New York for a radio broadcast.
Facilities management ~Palasegrate "and" Auditorium Arturo Toscanini - Cultural Center Cascina Commandery (main service): 181 000 EUR - Management bar (secondary burden): 189 000 EUR - Estimated value of the annual grant: 370 000 EUR - Amount based d ~auction, upward (barda pay license fees to the municipal administration - cost): 30 000 EUR.
His final opera, Nerone, was unfinished at the time of his death, though Arturo Toscanini and Vincenzo Tommasini later completed it for premiere at La Scala in 1924.
The results of this study are a number of remarkable insights into the complex figure that was Arturo Toscanini.
A dazzling prodigy, he was 7 when he was invited by Arturo Toscanini to conduct the NBC Symphony.
Nor Arturo Toscanini bullying his way with his gimlet eyes and bilious beat through the Force of Destiny Overture for an NBC promotional film (though they are rather coy about that in this packaging).
Blending Western music with Eastern melodies, the concert featured the international award-winning composer and pianist Fahir Atakoglu accompanied by Italy's leading symphony orchestra, the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, on September 25 at Piazza del Maggiore, Bologna City.
After singing in Berlin and Vienna, and taking roles in several films, in 1940 she was invited by Arturo Toscanini to sing at New York's Metropolitan Opera.
18 ( ANI ): Italy's economic crisis has left the iconic Harry's Bar in Venice close to being tapped out, which was a popular stop on the celebrity circuit, counting Truman Capote, Charlie Chaplin and Orson Welles, Arturo Toscanini among its regulars, who had a favorite table there.
Arturo Toscanini (Italian pronunciation: (March 25, 1867 - January 16, 1957) was an Italian conductor.