Arunachal Pradesh

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A·ru·na·chal Pra·desh

 (är′o͝o-nä′chəl prə-dāsh′, -dĕsh′)
A state of northeast India on the Tibetan border. Much of Arunachal Pradesh, which lies in the foothills of the Himalayas, is claimed by China as part of Tibet and was the site of a war between China and India in 1962.

Arunachal Pradesh

(ˌɑːrəˈnɑːkəl prəˈdɛʃ)
(Placename) a state in NE India, formed in 1986 from the former Union Territory. Capital: Itanagar. Pop: 1 091 117 (2001). Area: 83 743 sq km (32 648 sq miles). Former name (until 1972): North East Frontier Agency

A•ru•na•chal Pra•desh

(ˌɑr əˈnɑ tʃəl prəˈdeɪʃ)
a state in NE India. 864,558; 34,262 sq. mi. (88,743 sq. km). Cap.: Itauagar.
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16 (ANI): Arunanchal Pradesh gets its first non-woven manufacturing unit in Naharlagun town, in an effort to promote a cleaner and healthier environment.
Singh, Governor of Arunanchal Pradesh, has kindly consented to deliver the valedictory address on December 15.
Chandigarh, July 5 (ANI): An adventure-loving trio from Chandigarh broke the Limca Book of World Record of fastest driving by covering the distance between Koteshwar in Gujarat and Tezu in Arunanchal Pradesh in 85 hours beating the earlier record of 119 hours.