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Noun1.Arundinaria - North American bamboo
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Arundinaria gigantea, cane reed, giant cane - tall grass of southern United States growing in thickets
Arundinaria tecta, small cane, switch cane - small cane of watery or moist areas in southern United States
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This especial feature makes the species more preferable in construction and other related uses even as compared to the Ethiopian indigenous Highland Bamboo (Arundinaria alpina (K.
2016: Effects of timber harvesting on Arundinaria spanostachya bamboo and feeding-site selection by giant pandas in Liziping Nature Reserve, China.
The dominant cereal crops growing in the area are Hordeum vulgare and Triticum aestivum, and tree species like Arundinaria alpine, Juniperus procera, Hagenia abyssinica (Kousso), Aningeria altissima (Kerero), and Eucalyptus globulus are the dominant species growing in the area.
On undersides of mature leaves of bamboos (especially Arundinaria and Phyllostachys, but sometimes also Bambusa, Dendrocalamus, Pseudosasa and Sasa).
[10] identified the highest content of potassium (1400 mg/100 g fresh weight) in Bambusa arundinaria while the least amount (20 mg/100 g fresh weight) was detected in Melocanna baccifera.
In previous studies, BAP was successfully used in bud breaking in plant species like Arundinaria callosa, B.
Zebrowski [5] paid special attention on this aspect in Triticale as well as Niklas [3, 4] for Arundinaria tecta and Avena sativa.
Arundinaria alpine###35.8(43)###Leaf###Cattle, sheep, goats###Bekele 2006
Runners, for example Arundinaria, will spread unless their roots are surrounded by a heavy plastic barrier when planted.
The North American cane bamboos (Poaceae Bambusoideae: Arundinaria sensu stricto) are an ecologically important but taxonomically difficult group of forest grasses in the Southeastern US.