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Noun1.Ariana - city in TunisiaAriana - city in Tunisia      
Republic of Tunisia, Tunisia - a republic in northwestern Africa on the Mediterranean coast; achieved independence from France in 1956; "southern Tunisia is mostly desert"
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Arianna Catap steered Muntinlupa City with golds in developmental individual women, mixed pair with Daniel Navarro, trio event with Evnah Gaviola and Aryana Atienza, and aero dance with Atienza and Daniel Gaviola.
Afghan singing sensation Aryana Sayeed is an avid supporter.
She was inspired to compete after watching YouTube videos of idols such as Aryana Sayeed, an Afghan pop singer and social media star often likened to Kim Kardashian -- a characterisation that in conservative Afghanistan is a bold, deeply political one.
The new version of the play boasts a new cast including Callum Cuthbertson, Chiara Sparkes, Sophia Lewis, Terry Neason, Stephanie McGregor, Patricia Panther, Shannon Swan, Kara Swinney, Aryana Ramkhalawon and Laura Jane Wilkie.
She also posted another throwback photo, this time wearing costumes of their characters Tilapio and Neptuna from the 2012 fantasy drama 'Aryana.'
Robertson highlights these regions--as well as providing chapters on the strangely monikered Hindustan (a conflation of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh), Aryana (an ancient nomenclature for modern-day Iran, posited as a potential hub of Islamic art) and Hispania (encompassing Brazil as well as Mexico), while ignoring other mini-bubbles in the Balkan and Russian spheres, for instance, or anything in the entire continent of a clearly emergent Africa.
On the renunciatory orders in Hinduism, Ghurye in his book Indian Sadhus writes that there are ten orders of ascetics (popularly known as Dasnamis) namely: Aryana, Asrama, Bharti, Giri, Parvata, Puri,Sarasvati, Sagara, Tirtha and Vana.
There are also three great-grandchildren, Cortnie Crosley, Alexa McCuan and Javan Walston; one great-great-grandchild, Aryana Randall; her brother, Jim (Sue) Berkel of Dahinda; brother-in-law Dr.
The baby, Aryana Vasquez, was ultimately delivered prematurely at 22 weeks and three days and allowed to die in Zeitner's arms.
Sobre o Ensino de Historia como objeto de pesquisa no Brasil, as autoras Aryana L.
Jehan Hasan, 34, AVP in group strategy at Bank ABC, took her four-year-old twins, Hasan and Aryana, to the show.