As broad as long

having the length equal to the breadth; hence, the same one way as another; coming to the same result by different ways or processes.

See also: Broad

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Clypeus 2.3x as broad as long, convex in lateral view, mostly smooth, finely punctate in upper half and very finely granulate in upper 0.3.
Clypeus 2.4x as broad as long, almost flat in lower 0.7, mostly smooth, finely punctate in upper 0.6 and very finely granulate near upper margin.
Clypeus lenticular, 2.6x as broad as long, smooth in lower half, punctate in upper half.
Clypeus 2.4x as broad as long, weakly separated from face, almost flat in lateral view, distinctly and densely punctate in upper 0.7, smooth between punctures and ventrally.
Clypeus lenticular, 3.2x as broad as long, finely granulate and finely punctate in upper half and smooth in lower half.
Clypeus about twice as broad as long, densely and evenly punctate except at extreme lower margin.
1a) 1.6 x as long as mesoscutum broad, slightly broader than height (32:34); pronotum about 0.5 x as long as broad; mesonotum about 1.4 x as broad as long, with fine transverse striae, 3 pairs of setae, along deep notauli; scutellum as long as broad, with fine transverse striae, frenal groove indistinct, frenum almost smooth, scutellum with 3 pairs of setae on each sides.
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