As soon as possible

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cuanto anteslo más rápido posibletan pronto como sea posible
al piu' prestoquanto prima
quam celerrimequam primum
o mais breve possívelo mais rápido possível
As soon as possible   
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Jones now finding himself engaged with two, thought it necessary to rid himself of one of his antagonists as soon as possible. He therefore applied to the weakest first; and, letting the parson go, he directed a blow at the young squire's breast, which luckily taking place, reduced him to measure his length on the ground.
"But though the scheme of disciplining the whole nation must be abandoned as mischievous or impracticable; yet it is a matter of the utmost importance that a well-digested plan should, as soon as possible, be adopted for the proper establishment of the militia.
He further said that there is every facility available with forensic lab in Peshawar and the report will be release as soon as possible.
'Anywhere in the district if residents are facing issues, then I will definitely visit to the respective area myself and make it possible to resolve the issue as soon as possible', Chairman said.
The technique, known as PRP (platelet-rich plasma), is supposed to improve injury recovery time, and given that Spurs have six games in the next 17 days, they need the player available as soon as possible.
It is expected that the sale would be completed as soon as possible.
The letter also addressed the need to appoint a new Commissioner as soon as possible.
4 Finish pruning out old flowered shoots and train in new growths on rambler roses as soon as possible. Where there is a shortage of new shoots reduce old flowered stems in length by half.
Lionel would like to transfer the property to his three adult, unmarried children (Sam, Cokie and George) as soon as possible, to remove this appreciation from his estate with as little transfer tax as possible.
The Working Group under Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW), has made the decision to move to universal pre-storage leukocyte (white blood cell) filtration for all blood transfusion platelets as soon as possible.
The summit also led to agreement that a compensation package for passengers will be arranged as soon as possible.